Custom manufactured temperature controllers are available for any application that requires tightly controlled or monitored temperatures. We offer standard configurations able to control loads up to 3000 watts, and utilizing either Type J thermocouples or RTD sensors. Temperature Controllers that can handle higher wattage loads or different sensor types are also available. We can provide a Temperature Controller for any application you may have.

Heating Tapes

Standard Models

Conrad Part Number CR1C-1-X CR1C-2-J
Power Requirements 120 VAC - 15 Amps Max. 240 VAC - 15 Amps Max.
Maximum Wattage Load 1500 Watts 3000 Watts
Sensor Type Any sensor, typicallyT/C or RTD Any sensor, typicallyT/C or RTD
Temperature Span * 0 - 500 °F (232 °C) 0 - 500 °F (232 °C)
Sensor Failure Effect Complete de-energize if sensor is shorted or open. Complete de-energize if sensor is shorted or open.
LCD Temperature Readout Available Yes Yes

Non-Standard Models

Any option is available. Simply let one of our applications engineers know what type of controller will best suit your needs and we will design a quality and cost-effective solution for your temperature control needs.

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