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has maintained an industry-wide reputation for being a quality manufacturer since 1973

Heated Hoses

heated hoses

The hose inner core is comprised of extruded PTFE or PFA TeflonĀ®, 0.030" or 0.040" wall thickness, which offers exceptional resistance to temperature.

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Emissions Testing Products

emissions testing products

Heated Lines - The longest and most reliable in the industry. Conrad Heated Emission Lines are the perfect addition to your emissions testing laboratory.

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Fiberglass Heaters

fiberglass heaters

Heating Element is a fine gauge, multiple stranded, stress relieved wire insulated with fiberglass yarn and secured to the heating face.

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Heating Tapes

heating tapes

SILICONE RUBBER: Two layers of silicone rubber impregnated fiberglass are vulcanized together and enclose the multiple strand wire resulting.

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Drum Heaters

drum heaters

CONSTRUCTION The drum heater heating element utilizes a multiple strand, fine gauge Nickel alloy wire for maximum flexing resistance.

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Silicone Blanket Heaters

silicone blanket heaters

Silicone Rubber Heaters are used where an even application of heat over relatively large areas is desired. Silicone Rubber Heaters utilize a heating element.

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Temperature Controllers

temperature controllers

Custom manufactured temperature controllers are available for any application that requires tightly controlled or monitored temperatures.

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