Heating Element is a fine gauge, multiple stranded, stress relieved wire insulated with fiberglass yarn and secured to the heating face. Element construction of up to 150 feet of stranded wire per square foot of surface eliminates hot spots and insures fast heat up time and long service life. Heating Face and Cover are fiberglass fabric woven of “itch-proof” Beta glass high temperature yarns. Thermal Insulation is a fiberglass felted wool. One inch thick is standard. Seam Closure provided by nickel plated lacing hoods is standard. Eyelets, Velcro ™ tape, and lacing ties are also available. Power Leadwires are a high temperature fiberglass insulated nickel plated copper.


Temperature Rating 750°F (400° C) maximum
Size/Shape Limitations None
Thickness 1" Standard, 1/4" minimum
Voltage Customer specified
Wattage Customer specified (Normal maximum of 8 Watts per square inch)
Power Leadwires Fiberglass insulated Nickel clad Copper, Silicone Rubber, or Teflon insulated stranded wire.
Attachment Hooks, eyelets, or Velcro tape.

Ordering Information

  • Drawing or description of item to be covered including open or unheated areas, special port or access requirements, etc.
  • Voltage and Wattage (if known).
  • Temperature control method desired including addition of a thermocouple or other temperature sensors in heater.
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