The drum heater heating element utilizes a multiple strand, fine gauge Nickel alloy wire for maximum flexing resistance and efficient heat dissipation. It is enclosed in a two ply combination of silicone rubber impregnated fiberglass fabric which yields excellent moisture and chemical resistance.

The unique attaching method effectively maintains the heater in close contact with the drum for quick heat transfer while allowing for variations in drum diameter.

A silicone covered power cord insures maximum strain relief and maintains the moisture barrier at the cord/heater junction. 120 volt units are furnished with a 3-prong parallel blade plug. 240 volt units are furnished with a 3-prong tandem blade (NEMA 6-15P) plug.

An optional adjustable thermostat is mounted on the heating element giving excellent control of heater temperatures for those applications requiring this feature.


Drum Size (U.S. Gal) 5 Gallon 15 Gallon 30 Gallon 55 Gallon 55 Gallon
Drum Diameter 11.3 in. 14.0 in. 18.3 in. 22.6 in. 22.6 in.
Heater Width 4.5 in. 4.5 in. 4.5 in. 4.5 in. 8.0 in.
Heater Length 34.5 in. 43.0 in. 56.5 in. 70.0 in. 70.0 in.
Heater Wattage 300 500 800 1000 1800


The maximum temperature will depend on the type of material heated, ambient temperature and the number of drum heaters used. Independent tests with a water-filled 55 gallon drum at an ambient temperature of 70oF resulted in a maximum stabilized temperature of 145oF after a period of 18 hours using (1) 1000 Watt heater.

Ordering Information - Conrad Part Numbers

  5 Gal. 300W. 15 Gal. 500W. 30 Gal. 800W. 55 Gal. 1000W. 55 Gal. 1800W.
120 Volt Without Adjustable T/S CSL-5-120 CSL-15-120 CSL-30-120 CSL-55-120 LCSL-55-120
120 Volt With Adjustable T/S CSL-5-120T CSL-15-120T CSL-30-120T CSL-55-120T LCSL-55-120T
240 Volt Without Adjustable T/S CSL-5-240 CSL-15-240 CSL-30-240 CSL-55-240 LCSL-55-240
240 Volt With Adjustable T/S CSL-5-240T CSL-15-240T CSL-30-240T CSL-55-240T LCSL-55-240T
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